AVP DAM Professional Services

By: Kara Van Malssen
January 21, 2022

AVP helps ensure your DAM adds value to your organization, your assets are secure, and your users are delighted. We offer:

Visioning & roadmapping

Ensure your DAM solution is solving the right problems, for the right people, at the right time. Set a path to success and a plan of action that realizes your vision.

System design & configuration

Great search, navigation, and permissions are key to the success of a DAM. We work with your users to design the system so that content to be found quickly, easily, and appropriately.

User experience design

Creating a great experience for your users is critical to DAM success. We conduct research and tests with actual users, then create solutions that support their needs.

Migration planning & support

Migrating your existing assets to a new DAM can be a complex undertaking. We ensure data are migrated efficiently, and are protected against data loss.

Systems integration

Digital asset management doesn’t add value in isolation. We can help enable efficiency and automation by integrating DAM into your ecosystem.

Launch planning, training, measurement, & documentation

We have years of experience deploying DAM. We provide your team with the tools you need to ensure a successful launch, and to manage the system confidently moving forward.

Optimization & ongoing support

The launch is only the beginning. AVP offers a range of services—including program management, digital asset management, and product management—aimed at ensuring your system continues to fulfill its mission and vision, and grows along with your organization.


  • We are an experienced, expert extension of your team
  • We dig deep to understand what your organization really needs from a DAM from a technical, functional, data, and user experience perspective
  • We help you build the critical, non-technical aspects of your program, including metadata, taxonomy, workflow, policy, and governance
  • We provide expert advice on how to optimize the system for best results
  • We are user-obsessed. Everything we do has user success in mind
  • We work closely with your DAM vendor to get the most out of the system
  • We are a cross-functional team program managers, business analysts, librarians, and software developers