We believe that a rising tide lifts all boats and when clients prosper, so do their partners and collaborators. We call this approach B2B4C, or business-to-business-for-clients.

AVP engages in partnerships with other providers of services and products in support of shared clients, placing the interest of the client first and foremost.

AVP is vendor agnostic, does not engage in exclusive relationships, and does not accept financial compensation to providers of other products and services. We believe in partnerships that organically create win-win-win outcomes for the client, other providers, and us.

Are you a provider of services or products whose implementations are impeded by unresolved issues that your prospects and clients are grappling with and are not within your core competencies?

Perhaps you are…

> a digital agency working with a client on planning and implementing a campaign that requires data analysis, visualization, consolidation, migration, or refinement in order to fully realize the vision.

> a DAMS provider with clients that are unable to effectively use your system because the appropriate policies, workflows, or data models are not in place, putting the success of the deployment at risk.

> an integrator with a client in need of requirements and use case documentation or taxonomy development in order to make the systems you are working on operate with maximum efficiency.

> the provider of a digital preservation solution with clients that struggle to populate their instance of your system because they lack an approach to quantify and package their disparate data sets for ingest.

These are a few of many examples where AVP has worked with other vendors and mutual clients to ensure success resulting in win-win-win outcomes. For more ideas on how we can help, please review the consulting and software development services we offer.

AVP can help providers focus on their core competencies and help clients experience their product or service at its best. Contact us today to talk about how we can do this for you!

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