Data Management

What do we mean by data management?

Data management is the development and execution of systems, policies, and practices that properly manage an organization’s full data lifecycle to support analytics, migration, use, preservation, and other activities appropriate to that organization’s needs.

Our menu of data management services supports high-level strategic planning and data governance, data modeling and organizing, and hands-on wrangling of files and metadata.

Check out our menu of services (then contact us!) to find the right solution for your data management needs.

Data Management Services

Planning, Governance, and Administration

    • Technical, financial, and operational analysis
    • Scenario planning and budgeting
    • Strategy and roadmapping
    • Data governance support

Master/Authority Data Management

    • Modeling, organization, specification
    • Taxonomy development
    • Standards alignment

Transformation and Migration

    • Normalization and consolidation
    • Extract, transform, load (ETL)
    • Asset and metadata packaging for export and ingest
    • Migration and quality control

Systems and Storage

    • Application hosting, deployment, customization
    • Cloud computing and storage integration
    • Storage analysis and projection

Design and Optimization

    • Workflow optimization
    • Database design and implementation

Training and Facilitation

in any of the areas listed — and more!