Financial Planning

AVP knows the importance of the bottom line and the power of comprehensive financial analysis and planning.

Business Planning

You want to do things. Big things. You know how to do it and know that the impact will be huge. There are just a few nagging questions, such as:

  • How do I convince other people that this is a good and worthwhile idea?

  • How much will this cost?

  • What resources do we need to pull it off?

  • What are the quantifiable and measurable outcomes?

  • What are alternative strategies and the implications of those strategies?

As a team that understands business, technology, and people, we often get brought in to bridge the gap and serve as mediators within organizations to answer these questions and so many more. AVP helps overcome the challenges of getting to meaningful and realistic outcomes that you can plan and depend on. We recognize that it’s not just about being good at math or finance. It’s about sharing in the leadership’s vision for the organization, knowing technology and workflows across a diverse set of disciplines, understanding the nuances of what it takes to run organizations, and being in touch with the human side of things.

Over the past decade we have established a proven and successful track record for diligent, road-tested financial planning. Our work with organizations such as the JFK Foundation Library, New York Public Library, Southern Folklife Collection at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, and Indiana University serves as evidence of our unparalleled performance and support for organizations tackling large challenges.

So what’s your next big idea and how can we help you make it happen? We would love to hear all about it and brainstorm with you!

Economic Analysis

Are there questions you want answered that would be helpful to your organization or the communities in which you work? For instance, market analysis, identifying and benchmarking industry metrics, tracking and reporting of trends over time, or some other challenging question to which the answer would help overcome some obstacle to progress?

AVP loves taking on big challenging questions, analyzing them, making sense of them, and communicating about them in clear and compelling ways. Examples of this include:

Are there other large looming questions you wish you had answers to? Are there fuzzy data points that are keeping you from making progress? Reach out and let us bring you the answers and data you need.

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