Funding Outside of the Box

By November 19, 2010AMIA Presentations

As AV archives work to digitize legacy works and increasingly acquire born-digital works, the sustainability of these rapidly growing digital collections is a new and intimidating challenge. Digital works require ongoing management if they are to survive beyond a few years, which means securing steady funding to keep servers running, to ingest content and update metadata, and to stay abreast of evolving user expectations for online access. The costs associated with these activities are not trivial. New business models for AV archives are essential for sustainable digital preservation. New workflows are needed to make preservation and access more efficient and cost effective. Panelists will discuss a number of innovative and effective sustainable funding and revenue models, which will not only help AV archives keep the lights on, but also enable us to compete and even shine in the fierce world of online video, while offering unique materials and unparalleled value.

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