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AVP Services for DLFforum & DigiPres

12 November 2020

AVP’s years of involvement in the digital preservation and libraries community has shaped the services we provide. With our deep understanding of needs and challenges, we have developed a mix of services, products, and resources for organizations of all sizes. Explore them below and reach out when you are ready to discuss a project. I-do-not-ingest-in-jest


Digital Preservation Assessments and Audit Packages– Identify areas of need, prioritize, and plan for next steps 

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New Aviary Customer Support Packages

9 November 2020

We want to make sure you love the Aviary experience! We can help get you started, keep you supported, and elevate your use with the client support services below. Reach out for a conversation about customizing a package for your collections today.

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RIPDASA’S Free Digital Preservation Webinars Nominated for Award

13 October 2020

For the first time ever, the Digital Preservation Committee (DPC) Awards have nominated a Spanish-language program for recognition of making significant and innovative contributions to maintaining digital legacy. The “Spanish Language Webinars Program in Digital Preservation of Sound and Audiovisual Archives“ was created by RIPDASA to provide practical information about the management and care of digital archives to minimize the risk of loss of sound and audiovisual collections in the region. The program has been nominated for a DPC award within the category of The Dutch Digital Heritage Network Award for Teaching and Communications. RIPDASA is the spanish acronym for the Ibero-American Network for Digital Preservation of Sound and Audiovisual Archives.

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Smith College is tackling cross-campus collaboration head on, and they’re rocking it.

28 September 2020


Kerri Willette, Senior Consultant at AVP, has been leading collaborative projects that support access, use, and preservation of unique materials and content in libraries, archives, and museums since 2001.

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Free AV Digitization Resources from AVP

15 September 2020

Preserving the physical objects in your media collection over the years has taken both time and money. But if your AV is just sitting on the shelves, they will become unusable due to decay and obsolescence. The only way to save your collection is to reformat through digitization. This is a passion of ours, so we’ve pulled together some of our resources around AV digitization to share!

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AVP @ Archives*Records SAA COSA 2020

27 July 2020

USE THIS ONE AVP Button Banner SAAAVP is excited to be joining in on this year’s Archives Records 2020 conference virtually. We know it’s no substitute for getting to see your beaming faces but we’ve figured out as many ways as we can to connect.

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Black Lives Matter: What We Believe and What We Will Do

4 June 2020

What we know and believe

The systemic and historic racism and injustice in our country, and the world, that results in persistent and pervasive inequity and ongoing oppression of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) is very real.

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Connecting and Engaging with Our Friends and Colleagues

30 March 2020

3e102b06-35b0-4673-80ae-c7e1652044daYou have seen a lot of messages from companies over the past few weeks (I know, it seems like years already) addressing how they are responding to the COVID-19 crisis. Yes, this is another one of those, but I want to speak about more than what we’re doing with our operations at AVP to keep our peeps mentally and physically healthy and make sure that we’re running at full capacity to serve you. I want to talk about things that we’re doing in support of you, others in the communities we serve, and beyond.

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Launching the Take Flight Campaign

29 March 2020

As part of our response to COVID-19, starting on Monday March 30th, we are offering free 90-day Aviary Starter Plan subscriptions to new subscribers. Aviary is a next-generation streaming platform that unifies your services and content, offering a single high quality user experience and providing unified management. Also, no need to migrate your media. In most cases, you can leave it right where it is (e.g., YouTube, Vimeo, private server) and stream it through Aviary. The 6 slide video below gives an overview (note: pause the video if you want to stop and read).

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If you’re wondering how Aviary might be useful to you right now, here are a few examples:

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Filter, Focus, Forward: Tip #3 – Avoiding the Impulsive Glut

29 March 2020

Filter, Focus, Forward is a new AVP blog series about filtering out distraction and negativity, focusing on positivity and priorities, and continuing to move forward with progress and momentum while working as part of a distributed team.


Here’s the scenario:You walk from the kitchen with a cup of hot coffee, sitting down at your newly setup workspace. The lighting is good, the background is good for videoconferencing, you have your new headset, and while the desk is a little small it will work just fine. You breathe a sigh of relief, feeling like you’re getting into the groove of this whole working-from-home/distributed-team thing. 

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