More Podcast Less Process

More Podcast Less Process is a podcast featuring interviews with archivists, librarians, preservationists, technologists, and information professionals about interesting work and projects within and involving archives, special collections, and cultural heritage. Topics include appraisal and acquisition, arrangement and description, reference, outreach and education, collection management, physical and digital preservation, and infrastructure and technology.


Episode Rundown

Episode 1: CSI Special Collections: Digital Forensics and Archives

Guests Mark Matienzo (Digital Archivist, Yale University) and Donald Mennerich (Digital Archivist, New York Public Library) talk about digital forensics, digital preservation, technology in archives, staffing and education, Miami Vice, and other topics.


Episode 2: How to Preserve Change: Activist Archives & Video Preservation

Guests Grace Lile (Director of Operations and Archives, WITNESS) and Yvonne Ng (Archivist, WITNESS) discuss the challenges of archiving activism, preservation oriented production, and their recently published resource, “The Activists’ Guide to Archiving Video”.


Episode 3:  Archives in the Classroom – Archives as the Classroom

Guests Janet Bunde (Director of Outreach & Advocacy, Archivists Round Table of Metropolitan New York), Ryan Anthony Donaldson, (Vice President, Archivists Round Table of Metropolitan New York), and Robin Katz (Outreach & Public Archivist, Brooklyn Historical Society) talk about their work on programs that bring educators and students together with archives and promote the use of archival materials in the classroom. Janet and Ryan discuss the Archives Education Institute and Robin discusses the Students and Faculty in Archives program.


Episode 4: A Talk with Kate Theimer

Guest Kate Theimer (Archivist, Editor, Blogger at the ArchivesNext blog) talks about her upcoming edited book series on archival practices, serving on SAA Council, and sundry other archival matters. Kate can be found online at the ArchivesNext blog and as @archivesnext on the Twitters.


Episode 5: Holiday Wrap Up — What Does The Archivist Say?

This episode contains a collection of brief interviews with archivists discussing their trade, recorded at the 2013 New York Archivists Roundtable Award Ceremony and the 2013 Association of Moving Image Archivists Conference.


Episode 6: Can’t We All Just Get Along? Shared Services & Institutional Collaboration in Libraries & Archives

Guests Rachel Miller, Melanie Meyers, Lauren Bradley, and Felicity Corkill of the Center for Jewish History talk about the shared services model CJH has established, discussing its successes and challenges.


Episode 7: humans.txt.mp3 — The Web Archivists Are Present

Guests Alex Thurman (Web Resources Collection Coordinator, Columbia University Libraries) and Lily Pregill (Project Coordinator & Systems Manager, New York Art Resources Consortium) discuss the complexities of web archiving.


Episode 8: The Video Word Made Flesh

Guests Nicole Martin (Multimedia Archivist and Systems Manager at Human Rights Watch), Erik Piil (Digital Archivist, Anthology Film Archives), and Peter Oleksik (Assistant Media Conservator, Museum of Modern Art) discuss the different organizational approaches and challenges of managing video collections for access and preservation. Josh & Jefferson and their guests talk about these issues and all things video.


Episode 9: All Archives Are Local: Talking with Bonnie Marie Sauer & Kevin DeVorsey of the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)

Guests Bonnie Marie Sauer (Archivist, National Archives at New York City) and Kevin DeVorsey (Supervisory Electronic Records Format Specialist, National Archives and Records Administration) talk about the work that NARA does to manage billions of records.


Episode 10: Archival Manoeuvres: Managing Digitization Projects

Guests Miwa Yokoyama (Digital Project Manager, Carnegie Hall) and Mitch Brodsky (Digital Archives Manager, New York Philharmonic) discuss their experiences managing archival digitization projects.