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Top 10 Film Restorations / Reissues of The Aughts

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I was so shaken after seeing the restored print that I had to walk home from Manhattan to Brooklyn just to soothe my emotions….there is a daring confrontation to keeping the camera rolling through a long take…An audacious mix of genres peppered with a dry black humor, it’s like an Eastern Bloc version of a Russ Myer movie…something that can run through Zucker-Abrahams-Zucker to RZA-ODB-GZA is pretty powerful…

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Everything, Everywhere

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Despite the sometimes rustiness or lower energy of the performers, the music is undeniably good and the audience energy is always buzzing from that. However, the program and Schaefer’s follow up blog post (linked above) touch on two wider cultural issues: Why does the audience for a revived musical genre form when and in the makeup it does, and do we really need to preserve every little bit of cultural production?

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