Wrappers and Codecs: A Survey of Selection Strategies

By November 19, 2010AMIA Presentations


Chris Lacinak – AudioVisual Preservation Solutions


Carl Fleischhauer – Library of Congress
Isaiah Beard – Rutgers University
Hannah Frost – Stanford University

This session consults some of the leading thinkers in the field to help answer one of the most widely asked questions in archives today: What preservation master file format should I use for digitizing analog video? Three case studies will be presented that will walk the audience through the decision making process, address the special considerations specific to each organization, and relate final outcomes when answering this question. Carl Fleischhauer represents the Federal Agencies Audio-Visual Working Group and their project to document target formats for digital video preservation, focusing here on the MXF wrapper and on JPEG 2000 and uncompressed picture encodings. Isaiah Beard discusses the selection of AVI Uncompressed as part of the recommendations for the Rutgers Community Repository. Hannah Frost discusses the decision making process behind the selection of QuickTime Uncompressed for the Stanford University Libraries and Academic Information Resources Preservation Lab.

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