About Us


To free organizations from the obstacles of information management
and maximize the usability of data.


AVP was founded by Chris Lacinak in 2006 as Audio Visual Preservation Solutions, commonly referred to as AVPS, and with the domain name of avpreserve.com. Rooted in audiovisual preservation as the focus, AVP was founded based on an identified need to help organizations tackle the challenges and build capabilities to access and preserve their audiovisual collections. AVP’s first client was Stanford University and we were off to the races.

Over the years, AVP’s client base and staff grew, working with clients such as Indiana University, the Library of Congress, and the Museum of Modern Art. We also realized that more often than not, we were being referred to as AVPreserve and we adopted this as our new name.

Over time, it was clear that the communities we served had shifting and evolving needs around digital asset management, digital preservation, and software development. In recognition of these trends, AVP began hiring consultants with expertise in these areas and software developers to build tools and applications. In short order we were doing work that expanded well outside of what our name suggested, working on many projects that had more to do with information management than preservation and little-to-no focus on audiovisual.

In 2016, in recognition of the contributions and leadership demonstrated within AVP and within the fields that we work, Kara Van Malssen became AVP’s first Partner.

In 2017, AVPreserve rebranded as AVP and we launched a new website that better represents the company as a whole, the work we do, and the clients we serve.

Core Values

Be honest & maintain integrity

We ensure integrity in business practices, professional activities, and client interactions for ourselves and for our clients. In order to adhere to this core value, we:

  • Maintain confidentiality on behalf of our clients and colleagues

  • Represent honestly what we can and cannot do

  • Know our individual and group limits and ask for help when needed

  • Have compassion for others and ourselves

Be socially conscious

We operate in a respectful manner, by being inclusive, generous, and equitable. In order to adhere to this core value, we:

  • Have empathy

  • Trust and empower each other

  • Work in service of and contribute to communities that surround us

Be committed to excellence

We are leaders, both within the company and the fields in which we work. In order to adhere to this core value, we:

  • Engage in continuous learning and self-improvement

  • Set goals and are accountable to them

  • Are flexible and willing to grow in new areas

  • Are holistic and innovative in our work

What we do

We maximize the usability of information to the benefit of individuals, organizations, and causes.

How we do it

  • We listen and we understand; we explore and we discover.

  • We mediate, we interpret, and we bridge — making connections and bolstering those connections. We strengthen networks. We facilitate understanding.

  • We collaborate, we strategize, and we innovate.

  • We analyze, synthesize, and create. We offer processes, mechanisms, and workflows to quantify the unknown, to manage the unmanaged, and to turn information into knowledge.

  • We empower. We enable. We advocate. We promote.

Why we work on the projects we do

  • We enjoy the challenge and the reward of developing innovative solutions that bring about advancement of technology, policy, strategy, business, or operations.

  • The project provides a meaningful and clear benefit to the organization we are partnering with, or to a larger community or cause we feel passionate about.

  • We feel that we can make an impact and our contributions can lead to lasting and effective change.

  • We feel that what we can offer is integral to the success of the project within the scope of the resources available and what we can realistically provide based on that.

Why we work with the organizations we do

  • Either:
    — they have desire, vision, a clearly articulated need, buy-in from the top, and a commitment to see things through;
    — our involvement can provide a missing piece of the puzzle and can be a catalyst toward reaching their goals; or
    — there is a champion within the organization with vision that we believe can make it all come together.

  • They are good people to work with.

  • We believe in the mission of the organization and want to contribute to its fulfillment.

  • We value the information the organization stewards and feel compelled to assist in its preservation, access, use and care.