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AVP develops transformative strategies and systems to make your digital assets and media easier to access, share, protect, and put to good use.

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WHAT WE DO Consulting, software development, and professional services to unlock your digital assets and create value.

Global Streaming Service
Global Streaming Service
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Library of Congress Labs
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Renowned Medical Center
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Why AVP People-first solutions and information ecosystems to bring about beneficial change.

Increase efficiency, productivity, and impact with data that’s where you need it, when you need it.
Safeguard your information and secure digital assets for protection from loss and peace of mind.
Expand your reach and create new experiences by using your data and assets in innovative ways.

Our Partners For more than 15 years, we’ve partnered with visionaries, change agents, and illustrious organizations worldwide.

AVP has not disappointed – they have been a true collaborative partner and an absolute pleasure to work with. Their team is accommodating, gracious, and insightful, and I have been particularly pleased by their responsiveness and flexibility.
Technology Company DAM Implementation Project
I most appreciatived the initiative, flexibility, as well as the creativity they were willing to provide during this process. The staff is, clearly, knowedgeable, however, I was most impressed by the high quality of customer service provided.
Public University Software Development Project
Their expertise, patience, knowlege and thoughtful approach have inspired us! They also are very responsive whenever we have a qutions or need assistance.
Global Financial Firm DAM Selection & Implementation Project
Excellent staff who have high level of expertise and experience, very responsive to client, flexible, and deliver on time.
Non-Profit DAM Selection Project
I LOVED the possibility to address our needs while understanding our capabilities. Also, that we could do it in Spanish. This was crucial to have as many collaborators and be as inclusive as possible. The documentation is a plus! And we feel much confident after this three months of work.
Government Agency Digital Preservation Assessment Project
What sets your team apart is the way you combine top subject matter expertise with great listening and communication skills.
Private University Data Governance & Data Modeling Project

Insights Best practices, how-tos, and insights on information innovation.

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