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AVP is a consulting and software development firm focused on freeing organizations from the obstacles of information management.


From data management to digital preservation, our experts will help you realize your goals. Our detailed analysis and planning for technology, operations, and finances empowers organizations to act and ensures success. Whether your goals are education, access, research, monetization, posterity, or business efficiencies we can help craft the right solution for you.

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Software Development

Have a problem that no off-the-shelf solution can solve? Have an idea for the perfect application that would help you tremendously? From complex platforms to single purpose utilities, web to desktop, and open source to proprietary, AVP can develop software to meet your specific needs and requirements.

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Industries We Serve

We’ve successfully supported industries ranging from academia and government to sports and entertainment. Our goal is always the same — to free our clients from the burdens of information management.



AVP products have been developed from an intimate knowledge and awareness of what it means to manage data on a day to day basis in the real-world. We have created tools and crafted innovative solutions to address gaps that we have seen and experienced first hand.

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Members of the Community

We are deeply engaged in the communities we serve through participation at events, standards development, sitting on boards and committees, publishing, and developing free and open source tools.

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Why We Do It

Our passion is developing innovative solutions that advance the ways data serves individuals, organizations, and causes.

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