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AVP is a data management solutions provider. Our experts offer proven approaches to help you protect, manage, and use the data and information assets you care about.

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We’ve partnered with dozens of organizations to solve their toughest information management challenges.

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We help create data-enabled organizations

Our team of librarians, archivists, data scientists, and software engineers are experts in digital asset management (DAM), digital preservation, collections management, storage architectures, data management best practices, and more. We offer –

Data & Information Assessments

Identify your risks and opportunities. We examine systems, structure, and organization to help you make the best decisions for your data.

System Selection & Implementation

Looking to implement a digital asset, preservation, collection, or archives management system? We’ll help you find and launch the right solution.

Metadata, Taxonomy, & Information Architecture

Make sure your assets can be found. We bring deep knowledge of standards, best practice, and usability to data organization challenges.

Usability Research & Testing

Real insights from real users. We offer research-based methods to ensure your system, product, or service delivers value and exceeds expectations.

Planning & Roadmapping

Reach a new level of data management maturity. We create holistic, realistic, and actionable plans to help you reach your goals.

Surveys & Inventories

Knowing might be more than half the battle. Whether your collections are physical or digital, we make sure you know exactly what you have.

Data Migration & Transformation

Move, connect, and validate your data. Our consultants and engineers are experts in integration, normalization, and analysis.

Facilitation, Training, & Coaching

Looking for help as you deploy a new strategy? Need to generate buy-in from your team for a new direction? We can help you bring your vision to life.

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We know how data serves your business

Here are just a few of the industries we work with.

Higher Education & Research

We partner with academic and research institutions to help ensure their valuable collections are preserved and made accessible to researchers, students, and the public. We also support research-based initiatives and institutes through intensive data management and analytics.


AVP’s internationally recognized experts help companies leverage information to innovate in competitive marketplaces. By putting in place tools and strategies that help ensure efficient workflows and usability of data, our team has helped companies transform how they create and share information.


We work with journalists, human rights activists, and criminal justice organizations to help analysts interpret digital and audiovisual evidentiary materials. We provide analytics services, build custom software, and conduct trainings.

Sports & Gaming

We help premier sports and gaming organizations develop and manage their high value assets and metadata. From complex born-digital workflows to legacy archives, MAM selection to data analytics, our team helps ensure that operations are streamlined, insights can be leveraged, and assets are able to be monetized for generations to come.

Broadcast, Media, & Entertainment

Consumers expect easy access to digital content anytime, anywhere. Our team partners with broadcast and media & entertainment companies to provide innovative insights on how position and leverage metadata and media assets to stay in front of consumers today, and for decades to come.


We understand the long-term imperative that governments face in the preservation of their content. We support national, state, and local governments through data management strategy consultation, standards development, software development, and more.

Museums & Arts

We understand the collection, conservation, exhibition, and publication complexities that heritage organizations face today. We partner with museums and arts organizations to design solutions that will ensure collections can be accessed and showcased today and long into the future.


From websites to campaigns, training to advocacy, not-for-profits are generating large amounts of data and media. Effectively managing this information in support of the organization’s mission can be daunting. We help organizations get control of their data, establish policies and workflows, plan and budget, and select and implement the right management systems.


AVP products have been developed from an intimate knowledge and awareness of what it means to manage data on a day-to-day basis in the real world. We have created tools and solutions to address gaps that we’ve experienced first hand.

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Our passion is developing innovative solutions that advance the ways data serves individuals, organizations, and causes. Learn more about us.

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