Finding the Right AI Tools for DAM (webinar recording)

By: Shawn Averkamp
March 23, 2022

Finding the Right AI Tools for DAM: AVP’s Human-Centered Evaluation Framework

Henry Stewart DAM Webinars 2022

Watch the webinar with a searchable transcript and embedded closed captions here.

Download the AVP Framework for AI Tool Evaluation Criteria here.

AI holds the promise of enriching your DAM program, but with so many options in the market, how do you find, test, and integrate the right tools and services for your needs? In this webinar, AVP will share our AI evaluation framework for testing commercial and open-source AI tools that meet your organization’s unique needs. Using our human-centered approach, we will equip you with the ability to:

  • Understand your users and use cases for AI-enriched metadata
  • Identify and prioritize areas where AI can help most
  • Select candidate technologies based on use cases and priorities
  • Develop a strategy for quantitative and qualitative evaluation of technologies tailored to your needs
  • Evaluate technologies through the lens of functional fit and bias risk

Speakers: Shawn Averkamp, AVP Senior Consultant; Jason Ulsh, AVP Consultant. ; Kara Van Malssen, AVP Partner and Managing Director for Consulting.