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Transform how your organization manages and uses data and digital assets.

We can meet you wherever you are in your digital asset management journey.


Create an actionable data strategy


Choose the right technology


Implement and grow your solution


Develop bespoke tools


Test new ideas and technologies


Integrate and enhance data value

Plan Strategy Ilustration
Plan Strategy Ilustration

PLAN | Assessment, Strategy, & Planning Services

Create a holistic, actionable, informed data asset management plan

Kick off your enterprise digital transformation initiative with a realistic, actionable strategy. We look holistically at your people, processes, technology to understand the current state. We conduct research with stakeholders and users to uncover needs, motiviations, and opportunities. And we collaborate with you to identify innovative solutions to overcome your unique challenges. Finally, we help you create a concrete plan to move your vision forward.

  • Resource allocation
  • Roadmapping
  • Sustainability planning
  • Workshops


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SELECT | Technology Selection Services

Choose the right technology

Selecting the right DAM, MAM, CMS, digital preservation system, or AI tool can be daunting. We take the view that technology serves people and that successful selection is enabled by a deep understanding of users’ needs, goals, and behaviors. We can help you articulate your requirements, prioritize needs, identify potential solutions, and find the perfect fit for your organization.

  • Use case and requirements definition
  • RFX development and management
  • Roadmapping and MVP scoping
  • Solution evaluation
  • Pilot projects
  • Implementation planning


System Selection Services Illustration
Launch Illustration
Launch Illustration

LAUNCH | System Implementation & Optimization

Launch and grow your solution

DAM, MAM, CMS, and digital preservation systems have the potential to transform how your organization protects and leverages its valuable media content. We know what it takes to get from zero to success. Let our implementation professional services team help you realize your vision.

  • Program planning
  • Taxonomy & metadata
  • Users & permissions
  • Data migration
  • Project management
  • Usability testing
  • Workflow automation
  • Operations planning


Build Illustration

BUILD | Web & Desktop Application Development

Bespoke solutions for unique data needs

Our teams build software applications that last. Whether you need a web application to run onsite or in the cloud, or a desktop application for Windows or MacOS, we are geared up to deliver state-of-the-art code on-time and on-budget. Our agile development approaches ensure that you have timely input into the product development lifecycle. Let us help you build the right tool to solve your most pressing business needs.

  • AWS Infrastructure
  • Secure & Stable
  • CI/CD Services
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Digital Preservation Applications
  • Database Applications
  • Inventory Management


Build Illustration
Pilot Illustration
Pilot Illustration

PILOT | Research & Development

Explore, prototype, and test new data product and service ideas

Interested in exploring a problem space? Want to test how new technologies can open opportunities? Got an idea for a solution? Parter with our hybrid consulting and engineering teams to bring your idea to life. We combine the principles of design thinking with agile development to research user needs, test ideas, and deliver innovative solutions.

  • Human-centered design
  • UX research & design
  • Pilots and prototypes
  • Machine Learning/AI
  • Lean
  • Agile


Connect Illustration

CONNECT | Data Service Development

Develop APIs to enable data access, data analysis, and data mining

Today’s organizations excel when they are data-fluent. At AVP we help leverage data to drive change. What does that mean? We build solutions that acquire data, normalize it for use, and store it for the future. We build integrations that move data from system to system for efficiency and automation. We create endpoints that connect your data with others to increase collaboration, visibility, and impact.

  • Data acquisition & normalization
  • Data analytics
  • Data mining
  • Data migration
  • 3rd party system integrations
  • API service development


Connect Illustration

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