Implement, grow, and scale your digital asset management program.

Operationalizing your digital assets at scale takes careful planning, expert execution, and forward-thinking change management.

At AVP, our implementation experts are always two steps ahead to ensure that there are no surprises or setbacks — that your migration/launch is smooth, and your team and users are delighted. We work with you to optimize workflows, build efficiencies and capabilities, and create pathways for the future.

BUILD - Implement and launch a new system

Get your new DAM, MAM, Digital Preservation, or other system up, running, and ready for success with our comprehensive implementation service. Designed for organizations just starting out with a new technology, this service will help get your new system into production quickly with a strong foundation in place for growth. 

During this 6 month engagement, AVP will partner with your team and your system vendor to:


Scope & Plan — Establish a clear vision for the future (Month 1)

  • Define system vision and scope (users, assets)
  • Define priority requirements for launch
  • Define ROI baseline/benchmarks
  • Define use cases and user journeys
  • Define roadmap for DAM launch

Configure & Test — Configure the system to align with user and business needs (Month 2-5)

  • Groups & permissions definition and configuration
  • Metadata & taxonomy definition and configuration
  • Information architecture & navigation definition and configuration
  • Asset/data migration preparation
  • Workflow definition and configuration
  • Content strategy definition and configuration
  • Analytics definition and configuration
  • User acceptance testing
  • End user testing

Launch — Onboard initial users and prepare for growth  (Month 5-6)

  • Documentation and user training
  • Communication & socialization
  • User support services
  • User testing and feedback
  • Program design and governance planning, including guidance on staffing, roles/responsibilities, user success, quality assurance, adoption, and measurement
GROW - Optimize and scale an existing system

The launch is only the beginning. Ensuring your system delivers value and grows along with your organization requires ongoing, sustained focus. At AVP, we have partnered with numerous organizations to scale, mature, and grow their DAM and MAM programs.

Our Grow service is designed to meet you where you are in your journey, offering expertise, experience, and guidance where you need it most. Leveraging the same tried and tested processes we use in our Build service, we harness the power of iterative development to help you:

  • Onboard new contributing users and assets to the system, optimizing for adoption, clear governance, and data quality
  • Enhance your system with new capabilities, navigational features, user experience design, and/or content strategy to increase value to end users
  • Design and develop your DAM or MAM program, including guidance on staffing, roles/responsibilities, user success, quality assurance, adoption, and measurement
  • Plan and design expansion of the system for wider ecosystem integration
  • Migrate assets from legacy systems to your central repository
EXPAND - Integrate with the wider organizational ecosystem

Digital asset management systems add value when they are connected to the tools that your team uses every day. AVP can help enable efficiency and automation by integrating your DAM, MAM, or Digital Preservation System with other key business systems.

MIGRATE - Centralize your digital assets

Establish a central repository and source of truth for your digital assets and associated data. AVP’s Migrate services are designed to help you efficiently move large data volumes into a single system without loss or corruption. 

Ask us about getting started with a migration enablement plan today.

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