AMIA 2014 Featuring New Open Source Digital Preservation and Access Stream

By: Joshua Ranger
September 30, 2014

In cooperation with the AMIA Open Source Committee, we are excited to announce the Open Source Digital Preservation and Access stream at the Association of Moving Image Archivists 2014 Conference on Thursday, October 9th. The stream is identified by the acronym OSDPA within the AMIA conference program and consists of a stellar lineup of speakers giving presentations including:

*Open Source Tools, Technologies and Considerations – Trevor Thornton, Lauren Sorenson

*One Body, Many Heads: Preservation and Access From Project Hydra – Karen Cariani, Jon Dunn, Stefan Elnabli, Hannah Frost

*The First Digital Preservation Repository for Museum Collections: An Open Source Approach – Ben Fino-Radin, Kara Van Malssen, Dan Gillean

*Video Accessibility on the Web and Open Standards – Jason Ronallo

*QC Tools: Official Launch – Dave Rice, Ashley Blewer

*Lightning Talks – Call for proposals in process

Plan on spending the whole day with the stream or see the program to find the time of each presentation. We look forward to seeing you there and engaging on these relevant and important topics.