Announcing Release of Fixity 1.0

By: Pamela Vizner Oyarce
March 8, 2018

AVP is pleased to announce the release of Fixity 1.0! Fixity is a free file monitoring and attendance tool that allows users to schedule regular scans of files and folders to generate reports on new, changed, moved, renamed or missing files. Additionally, generated reports can be automatically sent to user-defined email addresses to alert of any changes found in scanned files.

This release represents a rebuild from the ground up and a change of coding language from Python to Java. This release also includes the following improvements:

  • Addressed MacOS Sierra compatibility issues
  • Addressed Java 1.8 compatibility issues
  • Added unlimited number of directories for scanning
  • Added email user authentication via the Google API for increased email reliability
  • Added “Disable Schedule” feature to allow users to use in a “Run Now” only mode
  • Bugs disallowing checksum algorithm changes were addressed
  • Added ability to select the location of Fixity history and reports folders
  • Creation of history and reports folder now takes place upon initial launch instead of being part of the installation/download package
  • A bug with the encryption of passwords was fixed

Fixity 1.0 is available for Mac and Windows. Download links and related documentation can be found at the following URL:

Fixity 1.0 is being released as a free application with the source code remaining closed. This will facilitate a more efficient path to development of a future Fixity Pro version – to be sold in app stores – with an extended feature set beyond the free version. Our hope is that this approach will yield a sustainable path for the ongoing support, maintenance, and development of the Fixity application for many years to come.

The old code repository for Fixity will remain available and open under an AGPL v3 license and will become officially unsupported so that we can focus our resources on the new code.

We thank all Fixity users for your continued feedback and input and we invite you to stay tuned for more exciting updates in the near future. You can stay in the loop by joining the Fixity user group and you can contact us via Twitter @WeAreAVP or email [email protected]