AV Archives Night 2015 Call for Submissions

By: Joshua Ranger
February 12, 2015

After the great success of our First Annual AV Archives Night at SAA 2014 we’re excited to be planning our 2nd First Annual AV Archives Night party to take place August 19th during SAA 2015 in Cleveland. We learned a lot from our first go round, so this year promises to be much improved and just as fun. We have acquired a loft apartment minutes away from the conference center to have our presentation, and there will be free refreshments (additional contributions appreciated). We have a number of submissions so far but are looking for more!

AV Archives Night 2015

AVPreserve is requesting submissions of video and audio content from archives in Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, and western Pennsylvania. There are no limitations on the types of content, but the preference is for material that is local or regional in nature in order to help celebrate the culture and history of the region near the conference, and to celebrate the work that archivists do to preserve our audiovisual heritage.

Submissions must be available in a digital format that is suitable for projection or playback over a sound system. Digitized or born digital content is accepted. A low resolution version is sufficient for submission in order to review and plan the programming. Content should be a maximum of about 7 minutes. Multiple submissions are acceptable, but the grand total of running time should be a maximum of about 7 minutes. Submissions should include your name, the name of your institution as it should be printed in the program, the title of the piece, the creator, the year of the piece, the original format, and a short description if available.

The contributing archive must have the rights to present the material and is responsible for confirming those rights. AVPreserve will delete or return all copies of materials provided per the request of the contributing archive. AVPreserve will claim no rights or ownership over any material or use it for any purposes outside of projection at this one time event. This will be a free event, and one does not need to be registered for SAA to attend.

***Though we are not an official SAA program, AV Archives Night will adhere to the SAA Code of Conduct and the organizers will address any issues and support moving issues through official SAA channels.

Contact Josh Ranger at josh[at]avpreserve[dot]com with any questions and to submit something for the event. We’re looking forward to a great conference!