AV Preserve At Personal Digital Archiving 2013

February 15, 2013

AV Preserve Consultant Seth Anderson will be presenting a paper at the Personal Digital Archiving Conference on Friday, February 22nd. The Personal Digital Archiving conference will provide an “opportunity for researchers and practitioners in the field of personal archiving to convene for presentations and networking…[supporting] a broad community of practitioners working to ensure long term access for various personal collections and archives” and will be held at the University of Maryland, College Park February 21st-22nd.

Seth’s paper is entitled “Protecting the Personal Narrative: Archival Practice in Personal Digital Archiving”. His talk will be addressing the effect of digital preservation tactics of the public and of traditional archives on the private act of collection or accumulation, examining proposed methods of collection and management and how these may change the nature of personal collection.

In addition to Seth there is a fascinating set of talks scheduled on the topic of personal digital archives, an issue which is reaching critical mass with the ease of content creation and speed of technological obsolescence in the digital realm. Registration is still open, and we hope you can make it hear Seth and the rest of the speakers.