AVCC Updates Being Rolled Out in the Coming Week

By: Chris Lacinak
June 16, 2017

We are excited to announce a number of new updates to AVCC thanks to major support from Harvard Business School! Here is what will be rolled out in the coming week.

Format Count
You have always been able to hover over the format count visualization at the top of the Dashboard to get some additional information, but now you can click on the format count and you will be taken to the Records page to view the list of all of the items in your project(s) that consist of that format.

Overview Table
The Overview Table on the Dashboard has received a significant overhaul. First, there are now two tabs on the Overview table instead of just one. They both share some of the same information but one tab focuses on items that have been identified as digitized (See Digitized Fields below) and the other tab focuses on items that have not been identified as digitized. Second, for digitized items the file size reporting is based on user-provided information (see File Size Reporting of Digitized Items below) instead of calculations driven by assumptions. In this way the user can provide actual accurate data for items that are digitized. Third, the footage calculation still reports linear feet for audio and video items, but the calculation for film tallies the footage field for all film items. Finally, a row was added to the bottom of each table to tally across all items.

File Size Reporting of Digitized Items
As mentioned in the previous section, a new set of fields has been added at the project level. When editing project settings the user will see fields for entering the number of TB for all digitized audio, video and film within the project. When data is entered here it is incorporated into the Overview table file size calculations and reporting on the Digitized tab.

Digitized Fields
A field called “digitized” has been added along with three sub-fields, consisting of:

  • Digitized By: If “Digitized” is checked this is a required free text field for documenting who performed the digitization.
  • Digitized When (mm/yyyy): If “Digitized” is checked this is a required date field for documenting when the digitization was performed.
  • URN: An optional free text field for providing filepath information for the digital output.
  • When “Digitized” is checked “Content Duration” becomes a required field as well since this is information that is easy to ascertain once digitized. This is to aid in collection and reporting of accurate content duration information when items are digitized.

    When importing or batch editing the digitization sub-fields and “Content Duration” are not required.

    A facet was added for “Digitized” in the form of a triple-state checkbox to allow filtering of items that have been digitized, have not been digitized, and all items combined.

    Transcription Field
    A “Transcription” field was added to document the presence of a transcript when it exists. A facet was added for “Transcription” in the form of a triple-state checkbox allow filtering of items that have transcripts, do not have transcripts, and all items combined.

    Collection Classification Field
    This field is specific to Harvard Business School to provide a higher level classification system to items. For users that do not wish to use this field, the field can be hidden within “field settings”.

    Import Logic
    In the past AVCC did not allow users to add or update records via importing. This has been changed to allow for both adding and updating of items. Upon import, if there are no redundant unique IDs then the import process will look the same as it always has. If there are redundant unique IDs in the import then the user is prompted with the options to “cancel”, “add new records only”, or “add new records and update existing”.

    Import Template
    In addition to adding all of the new fields to the import template, vocabularies conforming with AVCC vocabularies have been incorporated into the import template to support data entry and successful importing into AVCC.

    User Interface of Records Page
    The user interface has been altered so that the header information at the top of the Records page is frozen in place. This allows users to scroll down without losing useful reference points at the top of the page. The search and filter sidebar is also frozen in place so that the user has quick and easy access at all times.

    Content Duration Granularity
    Previously the most granular content duration possible was minutes. This has been updated to support seconds. Within the user interface and import template users may enter either 90.5 minutes or 01:30:30 to represent 90 minutes and 30 seconds.

    Ability to Upload Images
    For paid accounts only, users can now upload images at the item level. When multiple images are uploaded for an item an image carousel is presented to allow cycling through the images. A facet was added for “Has Images” in the form of a triple-state checkbox allow filtering of items that have images, do not have images, and all items combined.

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