Webinar – 4th Session: Technology Selection for Digital Preservation

By: Pamela Vizner Oyarce
February 8, 2019

Registrations are open for the fourth session of the AVP Webinar Series focused on Digital Preservation. In this opportunity, Miquel Térmens, Dean of the School of Libraries and Documentation of Universidad de Barcelona and author of “Preservación Digital” (Barcelona, Editorial UOC, 2014), joins our consultant Pamela Vízner to talk about different approaches and methodologies for the selection of digital preservation systems based on their experience. This webinar will be 60 minutes long, followed by Q&A.

Title: Technology Selection for Digital Preservation

Date: February 21, 2019

Time: 10:00-11:00 AM EST

Guest Speaker: Miquel Térmens (Universidad de Barcelona)

Moderator: Pamela Vízner (AVP)


To comply with the basic requirements for digital preservation it is necessary to select and implement appropriate technologies based on the context of our organization. Moreover, the definition of roles and responsibilities is key for the success in the administration of the system and to accomplish the preservation of our digital assets. But, where do I begin? How can we determine if a system is appropriate? Which roles must exists or adapt? Miquel Térmens will tell us about his experience with the implementation of the digital preservation system at Universidad de Barcelona and Pamela Vízner will share AVP’s approach to technology selection.

REGISTER HERE: http://bit.ly/2UO4MkR

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