AVPreserve Accepting Applications for the Role of Consultant

By: Chris Lacinak
November 2, 2015

We are excited to announce that we are currently accepting applications for a Consultant position at AVPreserve!

AVPreserve provides a wide array of services, and our team members require diverse skill-sets in order to contribute across a range of those offerings. At this time we are particularly looking for people who can step into, and/or grow into providing services in the areas of data management and governance, data migration, data flow, and data modeling; the implementation of digital preservation standards, policies, and best practices; and the identification and integration of digital asset management procedures and systems in both production and archival environments. Applicants should have existing proficiency in aspects of this work, but most importantly there should be a strong interest, dedication and aptitude for growth in these areas.

Consultants at AVPreserve work in support, and under the guidance of Senior Consultants in alignment with the goals and objectives of our clients and the AVPreserve vision. They are expected to bring a solid skill set and base of experience to bear, while being dedicated to continual improvement, diversifying their skills and expertise, and leveraging every opportunity to learn and grow into a Senior Consultant position.

At AVPreserve, you will find challenging and meaningful work through collaboration with talented and engaged colleagues and clients, tackling real-world problems through development and implementation of innovative solutions and strategies. You will work alongside others in a culture of life-long learning that supports and motivates constant growth. You will be contributing to the continued evolution of AVPreserve at an exciting time for the company and for the clients we serve. Over time, you will be given greater responsibilities, autonomy, and the ability to be creative and innovative in your work, with AVPreserve as a platform for support and promotion in the attainment of your own goals.

To apply
Email a PDF of a cover letter, resume and one writing sample demonstrating your expertise to careers[at]avpreserve[dot]com. No phone calls please. Resumes will be accepted through November 13th, 2015.

Goals and objectives
General goals and objectives of this position include:

  • Work in support of the AVPreserve vision;
  • Actively participate in establishing and maintaining AVPreserve as the premiere data management consulting and software development firm, focused on leveraging a deep understanding of technology, information, business, and people to advance the ways in which data is used for the benefit of individuals, organizations, and causes;
  • Provide the most effective and meaningful support possible to our clients;
  • Continually learn and consistently contribute to the AVPreserve skill-set and knowledge base; and
  • Increase awareness of, and promote the AVPreserve brand and services.

Specific responsibilities
Specific responsibilities of this position include:

  • Contribute to the successful completion of consulting engagements, including but not limited to:
    • Working under the direction of Senior Consultants;
    • Researching, compiling, synthesizing, and analyzing information;
    • Participating in interviews, surveys, assessments, and other forms of discovery;
    • Conducting analysis and writing project reports, including the creation of diagrams, spreadsheets, and other supporting documents;
    • Drafting specifications and guidelines;
    • Working with AVPreserve team members to generate project deliverables; and
      Preparing and delivering presentations.
  • Support project management, including but not limited to:
    • Tracking and reporting on project timelines, schedules, milestones, and deliverables;
    • Serving as a client liaison; and
    • Reporting all billable and non-billable hours worked including specific activities performed, and projected time to completion of milestones and/or project.
  • Engage in business development activities, including:
    • Contributing to and managing preparation of proposals;
    • Actively working to develop a network of professional contacts;
    • Identifying potential business opportunities through networks and existing project work; and
    • Presenting on behalf of AVPreserve at relevant conferences.
  • Perform identified research and development activities in support of AVPreserve products, services, and marketing efforts. These may include:
    • Writing blog posts;
    • Publishing white papers and articles; and
    • Development of software application and utilities.
  • Contribute to the successful operation of the firm by:
    • Developing and documenting systems and AVPreserve’s knowledge base in order to promote consistency, efficiency, quality, successful delegation, and effectiveness;
    • Adhering to AVPreserve policies and procedures;
    • Participating in internal AVPreserve meetings;
    • Working to meet targets for billable hours, effective hourly rate, and other identified business goals and objectives;
    • Collaborating with and educating AVPreserve staff; and
    • Actively identifying and suggesting possible business initiatives and/or improvements.
  • Skills and attributes
    Specific skills and attributes required to successfully fulfill these responsibilities include:

    • Thorough communicator;
    • Diligent note taker;
    • Inclination to ask questions of Senior Consultants to obtain clarification and understanding;
    • Strong follow through without prompting;
    • Engaged and dedicated;
    • Knowledge of, and interest in, working within a variety of domains, including: cultural heritage, media and entertainment, broadcast, government, academic, museums, not-for-profits, and corporations;
    • An understanding of different organizational cultures and contexts, of interpersonal and interdepartmental relationships within organizations, and how those cultures and relationships impact the use of information;
    • Interest in business analysis and data management strategies;
    • Strong analytical skills;
    • Excellent writing skills with ability to organize and present complex material clearly and logically;
      Empathic listener;
    • Good interpersonal and communication skills;
    • Effective presentation skills or an interest in developing effective presentation skills;
    • Ability to use all software necessary to generate project deliverables including, but not limited to reports, diagrams, spreadsheets, scripts, data models, databases, and code;
    • Good organizational skills;
    • Programming and statistical skills a plus; and
    • Ability and willingness to travel nationally and internationally for projects and conferences several times per year (estimated between 25 and 45 days annually).

    AVPreserve offers a generous benefits package that includes an employee healthcare plan and 401K contributions.

    About AVPreserve
    AVPreserve is a data management consulting and software development firm focused on leveraging a deep understanding of technology, information, business, and people to advance the ways in which data is used for the benefit of individuals, organizations, and causes. Our team consists of internationally recognized experts with years of experience working with academic, media and entertainment, government, museum, broadcast, and corporate organizations.

    While the founding of AVPreserve was rooted in audiovisual media, and our expertise in this area is advantageous in many ways, most of our projects involve mixed media collections that span all media types across physical and digital domains. Similarly, our original focus on archives and preservation has been extremely useful in developing effective strategies for the management of media and metadata, but today we work with organizations of all types that are concerned with the searchability, distribution, and access to assets, whether in an archival, production, or broadcast environment.

    AVPreserve has locations in Brooklyn, New York and Madison, Wisconsin. Candidates should either live in one of these locations or be willing to relocate.