AVPreserve Announces Release of Fixity 0.5

By: Joshua Ranger
March 5, 2015

AVPreserve is pleased to announce the latest release of our Fixity file monitoring and attendance tool. Fixity is a free application that monitors file integrity through the generation and scheduled validation of checksums, as well as monitoring file attendance through reporting on new, missing, moved and renamed files existing in the targeted directory. Downloads of the Mac and PC version of the tool, as well as a user guide and other documentation related to Fixity can be found at

Adjustments in this new version are largely influenced by user feedback. Please help us to continue improving the tool by commenting here or contacting us via Twitter @avpreserve. And thank you to everyone who has helped test the application so far!

Changes in Fixity 5.0 include:

  • • Create tasks as Administrator (Windows using Run as Admin).
  • • Notification window occurs when a non-admin tries to change the schedule of a project originally created by an admin. This notifies the user that the schedule cannot be changed by a non-admin. (Windows)
  • • Improved visual feedback of progress during manual scans (Windows/Mac).
  • • Launch Run process as a New thread (Windows/Mac).
  • • Fixed Fixity not responding/crashing issue when scanning very large directories (Windows).
  • • Improved labeling for scheduling section. (Windows/Mac).
  • • Disabled closing of console window prior to completion of scanning (Windows).
  • • Improved reporting (Windows/Mac)
  • • Added time elapsed
  • • Added algorithm used
  • • Greyed out Recipient Email Addresses when email settings are not filled out
  • • Added mouseover functionality to the directory path; the full filepath is now displayed as a tooltip
  • • Email settings now allow blank passwords to accommodate internal SMTP gateways