AVPreserve Releases MDQC Version 0.3 Update

By: Joshua Ranger
June 15, 2015

AVPreserve is pleased to announce the release of version 0.3 of our free MDQC tool. MDQC (Metadata Quality Control) is an open source utility that reads the embedded metadata of a file or directory and compares it against a set of rules for file specifications that are defined by the user for a specific file type. For instance, organizations have used MDQC on files being returned from a vendor or in-house lab to verify technical parameters applied in digitization or transcoding, such as bit depth, sample rate, codec, and aspect ratio, as well as non-technical parameters such as copyright statements, title information, identifiers and more. MDQC automates and minimizes the time needed to QC large batches of digitized or reformatted assets, and can be used on any file type supported by ExifTool and MediaInfo.

The free downloads of MDQC for Mac and PC can be found here or on our Tools page along with the other free utilities we produce.

Version 0.3 updates include:

• Fixed bug with the correct selected tool (MediaInfo or ExifTool) being saved as part of the template
• Changed behavior so that MDQC stays open after it runs
• Added “About MDQC”
• Added version number to title bar