AVPreserve Releases New Metadata Web Tutorial

December 3, 2013

In the digital realm, metadata is not just the key to discovery and retrieval as it is with analog materials, but it is also a critical component to collection management and all aspects of preservation. This is especially true with the technical and administrative metadata embedded in files which tell us the exact specs of the file and can give a clue to provenance and other information that establishes the authenticity and quality of the file. The ability to read, write, and track this embedded metadata is a standard activity of digital preservation, and utilities such as MediaInfo and Exiftool form the basis of many workflows and tools used in file creation and monitoring.

To help people understand how to use such digital preservation mainstays, AVPreserve has begun to record a series of tutorials walking through how the tools work and through real use cases for the utilities. We have just released our first series on the use of Exiftool conducted by Consultant Kathryn Gronsbell. The four videos and other resources can be found on our website here and through our Papers page. Happy embedding!