New from AVP: AVP’s Best DAM Workshop Series

By: Kara Van Malssen
August 27, 2021

Let AVP’s expert facilitators help transform your data or digital asset management program, in just a few hours. Our workshops have proven results and are designed to breakthrough tough challenges quickly. Read more about our workshop offerings below and reach out to us at [email protected] to learn more.

Screen Shot 2021-08-04 at 11.57.57 AM⚡ Lightning Decision Jam Workshop

Quickly identify current challenges, prioritize opportunities, and create a plan of action in this fast-paced, problem-solving workshop. In just a couple of hours, our expert facilitators will guide you through a series of tried and tested activities designed to create alignment around the problem to be solved and spur action toward a resolution. This workshop is perfect for teams that need help diagnosing and overcoming an issue, or establishing priorities for a new strategy.

Length: maximum of 2 hours

️‍Creating a Guiding Vision WorkshopScreen Shot 2021-08-04 at 11.50.31 AM

Create a vision that will guide your team into the future. In this workshop, AVP’s experts will lead you through a series of exercises designed to help you create clarity around where you are going, and how to get there. You will come away with a shared understanding of what the end result might look like, and a picture of the path forward. This workshop is ideal for teams that are ready to move forward toward a new future, but are in need of a roadmap.

Length: maximum of 4 hours

Screen Shot 2021-08-04 at 11.59.59 AM⛏️ Selection & Prioritization Breakthrough Workshop

Organizations often find themselves overwhelmed by the sheer amount of data or digital assets in their care, and struggle to understand how to prioritize resources. The result is often an equal, but sub-optimal level of curation of all assets, which can result in poor outcomes for users. In this workshop, we engage with your internal stakeholders to learn what they value most. The outcome of this workshop will be the foundation for a new selection, collection, and/or curation policy that optimizes resources for impact.

Length: maximum of 4 hours

20210121 NGS XFN Metadata Workshop Optimizing Search & Discovery for User Success Workshop 

Data and digital assets are often organized structures that make sense to information managers, but are less meaningful to users. In this workshop, we engage with your users to learn how they mentally categorize your organization’s assets, what kind of terms they are inclined to use to search, and what information they need to know about assets in order to fulfill their needs. As a result of this workshop, you will be able to start to design a search, browse, and discovery experience that is optimized to what your users really need.

Length: maximum of 2 hours

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