AVPS Coordinates The Most Comprehensive Assessment And Prioritization Session To Date For The 2007 Joint Technical Symposium (JTS)

May 2, 2007

AVPS has organized an international seven participant session for JTS 2007 on the topics of collection assessment and prioritization that is groundbreaking in both its comprehensiveness and scale.

The session is a survey and review of the most significant recent moving image and sound collection assessment and prioritization projects. This is the first session within any conference that has covered these important topics with such depth and with such broad representation.

As a community long operating without adequate tools, this session is needed more than ever. With a great focus on digital reformatting for preservation, tools for the appropriate and efficient selection of collection items for this purpose are increasingly necessary for institutional archives. All of the speakers in this session understand that need and are helping to increase those capabilities. The speakers and subjects include:

Chris Lacinak: AVPS – Introducing the topic of assessment and prioritization for moving image and sound objects.
Leon-Bavi Vilmont: Presto Space/CRCDG – Media Condition Assessment Work Package
Jean-Louis Bigourdan: IPI/NEH – Magnetic Media Study
Tanisha Jones: NYU/Mellon – Magnetic Media Assessment Project
Mike Casey: Indiana University/Sound Directions – The Field Audio Collection Evaluation Tool
Janet Gertz: Columbia University/Mellon – Special Collections Materials Survey Instrument
Dietrich Schueller: Phonogrammarchiv/IASA – The Task Force on Selection for Digital Transfer Report
For more information on the session and full program please click below. We hope to see all of you there!