AVPS Goes Marching In To ARSC 2010

May 18, 2010

AudioVisual Preservation Solutions founder and president Chris Lacinak will be representing AVPS at the 44th Annual Association for Recorded Sound Collections Conference in New Orleans, May 19th-22nd. Friday morning Chris will be presenting with Dan Partridge of the Jazz Loft Project on the Artists & Repertoire: Jazz and Blues panel. Dan is a Jazz Loft Project Research Associate and the primary tape archivist on the collection, and Chris planned and performed the first preservation transfers of tapes from the Jazz Loft. They will discuss the history of the collection and the preservation work that has gone into finally making these culturally and historically important audio recordings accessible to researchers and jazz lovers.

In that afternoon’s Archives & Technology panel Metadata for Audio Preservation: Current & Emerging Strategies and Tools Chris will be presenting on the findings and conclusions of the ARSC Technical Committee’s Metadata Study, which includes testing and results enabled by the BWF MetaEdit tool. Developed by AVPS in association with the Federal Agencies Audio-Visual Working Group, BWF MetaEdit is an open source desktop application that facilitates singular and batch embedding, editing and parsing of metadata within Broadcast WAVE Format (BWF) files, significantly increasing the amount of control and access to functionality available for managing digital audio files. Recent NYU Moving Image Archiving & Preservation grad Walter Forsberg led the BWF MetaEdit/ARSC testing for AVPS. BWF MetaEdit is wrapping up beta testing now and is planned to be publicly released from the Working Group in June 2010. Ask us for a peak at BWF MetaEdit at the conference and keep an eye out for updates at — and keep an eye out for Chris in New Orleans!