AVPS Meets The Future Of Personal Archiving

February 16, 2010

Our own David Rice has been invited to speak at Saving Our Present for the Future: Personal Archiving 2010, a conference for “practitioners in personal digital archiving” hosted by the Internet Archive. Dave will be on the Tools panel addressing different means and uses for the capture and analysis of metadata. Co-panelists include John Kunze of the California Digital Library discussing PairTree and James Jacobs of Stanford University Libraries discussing LOCKSS.

The Personal Archiving 2010 conference is a full day of panels and discussions centered on current practices and on the development of recommendations & areas of research for individuals and for institutions in regards to preserving personal archives in a digital age. With the proliferation of digital materials being created and the mounting challenges to maintaining them there are a number of technical, social, and economic issues that need to be addressed. The conference looks to educate practitioners on what they can be doing now and to start establishing best practices & resources that will guide the future in preserving the past. Read more about the conference, including a list of participants and panels, at Television Archiving. And kudos to Dave!