AVPS Part Of PBCore 2.0 Team

April 20, 2010

AudioVisual Preservation Solutions is pleased to announce we are part of the Project Management team on the Corporation for Public Broadcasting PBCore 2.0 Development project. AVPS will be working in tandem with team members from WGBH in Boston, Digital Dawn, and the CPB to help this important endeavor successfully achieve its goals. This is an exciting opportunity for AVPS to collaborate with several top notch organizations and to help further establish a strong metadata standard that can be readily adopted across the audiovisual production and archiving communities worldwide to help facilitate use, preservation, and access by the greatest possible audience. The official press release below:

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting Launches the PBCore 2.0 Development Project

(Washington, DC) – – The Corporation for Public Broadcasting today announced the launch of the PBCore 2.0 Development Project.

The PBCore 2.0 Development Project will expand the existing PBCore metadata standard to increase the ability, on one hand, of content producers and distributors using digital media to classify and describe public media content (audio and video) and, on the other, of audiences to find public media content on a variety of digital media and mobile platforms.

The PBCore 2.0 Development Project will also work to enhance the PBCore standard to ensure that it will be able to satisfy the demands of multiplatform digital content as well as an evolving World Wide Web. Since PBCore’s development in 2005, it has become not only one of the most widely-used metadata standards in the world, but also the basis of other metadata standards. At the same time, in the last five years, the number of digital media applications that would benefit from PBCore has grown significantly. An updated PBCore will benefit not only public broadcasters, but all users of metadata standards based on PBCore.

PBCore 2.0 will be managed by WGBH, AudioVisual Preservation Solutions and Digital Dawn. For more information on the PBCore 2.0 Development Project, please go to