AVPS Releases Their 2009 Holiday Card

December 18, 2009

AudioVisual Preservation Solutions released its fourth annual original greeting card for the 2009 holiday season. The 2009 card features an illustration of the RCA TRK-12, the top of the line model of the first televisions made available to the public. The card commemorates the 70th anniversary of RCA’s public release as well as that of the 1939 World’s Fair in New York where the first televisions were on display.

The 2008 holiday card features a laser-cut illustration representing four frames of film in recognition of the significance of moving image film in our culture.

As in past years, the cards are inspired by the field that we work in and its history. As audiovisual media becomes a more ingrained part of society, we often forget the moments of origin or the amazing advancements they represented. The original art work is created by Stephanie Housley, a New York based artist/designer.

We are pleased to send these greetings to our clients and all of the other members of our community who are dedicated to the preservation of our audiovisual heritage. We are especially delighted to note that we often see the cards posted in the archives we work in long after the holiday season has ended.

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