AVPS To Coordinate A Session On Audiovisual Asset Assessment At The 2007 AMIA Annual Conference

April 2, 2007

AudioVisual Preservation Solutions is coordinating a session for the AMIA Annual Conference which will take place during November 2007 in Rochester, New York. The session is based on the premise that assessing audiovisual signals stored on magnetic media has proven to be an evasive task. This session aims to provide information and direction that will inform good collection management and preservation planning.

The speakers and subjects are:

Chris Lacinak: AVPS – Assessing dynamic audiovisual objects; Related research and development projects.
Jean-Louis Bigourdan: Image Permanence Institute (IPI) – Report on the IPI Magnetic Media Study.
Ian Gilmour: Media Matters – Discussion of emerging assessment methods and technologies.

The lack of tools and the need for relevant training has left the moving image and sound archivist in a quandary over how to accurately perform this activity. Assessment efforts have typically combined visual inspection of the media with informal experiential and speculative data. These are imprecise approaches that disregard the whole of the system responsible for producing the signal. They are not accurate or effective enough to inform solid preservation strategies or large expenditures.

For more information on the session and full program please click below. We hope to see all of you there!