AVPS Works With Library Of Congress In Developing The Library’s National Recorded Sound Preservation Plan

August 26, 2009

Among the directives in Congressional legislation establishing the Library of Congress National Recording Preservation Board in 2000 are mandates requiring the Board to conduct a national study of the state of recorded sound preservation in the U.S., and to produce a subsequent National Record Sound Preservation Plan.  Now that the national study is complete, Chris Lacinak, founder of AudioVisual Preservation Solutions, Inc., will assist the Library of Congress by participating in a task force making recommendations for Digital Audio Preservation and Standards.  These recommendations will be incorporated into the Library of Congress National Plan for Recorded Sound Preservation.

The required recommendations will include developing a consensus on “best practice” standards in areas of audio preservation and the codification of this information for public dissemination.  Areas which will be under consideration are metadata, digital preservation, digital storage and content management, and capture of analog and born digital recordings. The group is charged with formulating ideas for developing core audio metadata schemata and the tools to create and manage metadata. Consideration will be given to scalable best practice standards that can be applied to a variety of situations, including archives with limited resources. The final plan is scheduled to be completed and released to the public mid-year 2010.

We at AVPS are pleased to assist The Library of Congress and the other preservation specialists on this project.