Call For Proposals, AMIA 2014 Lightning Talks

By: Joshua Ranger
September 30, 2014

Planning on attending AMIA 2014 in Savannah? This is a call for proposals for lightning talks that will be part of the Open Source Digital Preservation and Access Stream at the AMIA Conference. The session will be from 4:45-5:45PM on Thursday, October 9th and will consist of 10 talks that will be no more than 5 minutes (strictly enforced). Lightning talks should present interesting new concepts, applications, projects and innovations within the context of the stream. Please submit a 1-3 sentence proposal on your lightning talk along with your name, affiliation, subject/title, email address, and phone number. Please email chris[at]avpreserve[dot]com with your proposals by Friday, October 3rd. Those selected will be notified by Tuesday, October 7th.

Some lightning talk basics:
– Don’t use slides unless necessary.
– If slides are necessary:
     ◦ don’t have more than a few words on a slide.
     ◦ plan to send your slides as a PDF to the organizer prior to the presentation to be consolidated onto a single computer beforehand.
– Make your key points within the first minute or two of the presentation.
– Leave details to be explored later through references in the slides to be distributed by the organizer afterward.
– Practice beforehand to make the most impactful use of your 5-minutes.

Additional pointers on giving good lightning talks can be found at the following links: