Chris Lacinak Addressing Audio Engineering Society

October 17, 2013

AVPreserve President Chris Lacinak will be speaking at this week’s Audio Engineering Society 135th International Convention in New York. Chris is part of the tutorial panel “National Recording Preservation Plan: Preservation Planning” along with David Ackerman (Harvard University), Matt Barton (Library of Congress), and Mark Hood (Indiana University).

Presented in association with the AES Technical Committee on Archiving Restoration and Digital Libraries, the tutorial is a direct response to recommendation 2.2 of the Library of Congress National Recording Preservation Plan stating the need to devise means to assist organizations in conducting comprehensive appraisals of audio collections with the goal of establishing priorities for preservation. The speakers will discuss tools and workflows their institutions have developed for preservation prioritization, and will provide demonstrations and discussion on the various approaches.

AVPreserve continues to develop free and open source tools for preservation planning and collection management (AVCCFixityInterstitial, Cost of Inaction Calculator, and more) that will be a part of the discussion, and we are honored to be involved in helping other institutions such as Indiana University and the Federal Agencies Digitization Guidelines Initiative develop their own tools. We’re excited to be a part of this panel. Hit Chris up at AES if you’re attending or look for the AVPreserve crew at one of the many conferences we attend for more information on these efforts.