Chris Lacinak Published In IASA Journal

July 13, 2011

AVPS President Chris Lacinak’s article “Embedded metadata in WAVE files: a look inside issues and tools” hit the street (and the information superhighway) today in the newest International Association of Sound and Audiovisual Archives Journal (No 37, July 2011). A PDF version of the article and journal are available to IASA members for free on the website at

The article draws on our work with the Federal Agencies Digitization Guidelines Initiative Audio-Visual Working Group (FADGI) in developing the BWF MetaEdit tool for embedding, editing, and exporting metadata in WAVE files, as well as on a study of embedded metadata support within and across audio recording software applications AVPS spearheaded on behalf of the Association for Recorded Sound Collections Technical Committee (ARSC TC). Using these experiences, Chris illuminates the real world importance of embedded metadata for the use and preservation of digital materials and, perhaps more so, the great need for practical tools and guidelines that will help people review and manage that metadata with the same integrity as the associated object. Our thanks to all of the contributing FADGI and ARSC members, without whom the projects could not have been realized.

A big shout out as well for Carl Fleischhauer’s article “Developing an MXF audiovisual preservation file wrapper specification in the Federal Agencies Digitization Guidelines Initiative” appearing in the same IASA Journal, another FADGI project that AVPS is proud to be a part of. The Federal Agencies are doing amazing work to drive the field of digital preservation forward and are becoming an invaluable resource, so check ’em out.