Chris Lacinak To Speak At 80th Music Library Association Annual Meeting

January 19, 2011

Philadelphia has become a popular destination for AVPS the past several months, what with all the conferences and marathons and such. The love continues (in a brotherly sort of way) at the upcoming Music Library Association Annual Meeting.

This 80th edition will take place February 9th-12th, 2011 at the historic Loews Hotel in the Philadelphia City Center. This year’s theme is Born Digital: A New Frontier for Music Libraries. Thursday, February 10th AVPS President Chris Lacinak will be speaking with Kimmy Szeto of SUNY Maritime College on the Technical Metadata for Music panel sponsored by the Bibliographic Control Committee. Chris and AVPS have been involved in a number of recent projects dealing with metadata for digital audio, including being a part of the research and drafting of the ARSC Technical Committee Metadata Study and development of BWF MetaEdit, a powerful new desktop application that enables the analysis and editing of metadata in Broadcast WAVE files. BWF MetaEdit was developed in association with the Federal Agencies Audio-Visual Working Group and is available for free download on SourceForge at

The use of digital formats for audio is well established, but the development of methodologies and tools for preservation and collection management is a growing but still emergent field. It’s great to see the MLA focusing on these topics and working to move the field ahead. The Annual Meeting is good opportunity to get involved, and if you do head to Philly, say hello to the folks at McGillin’s Olde Ale House for us.