Dave Rice Addressing Conservation Science Annual/Eastern Analytical Symposium

November 16, 2010

Following up on some whiz bang panels at IASA/AMIA 2010, Dave Rice was invited to speak today at the Eastern Analytical Symposium (EAS) as part of a special Conservation Science Annual (CSA) symposium entitled Digital Media in Cultural Heritage: New Preservation Technologies. Dave will be discussing Audiovisual Analysis and Quality Control: New Methods using File and Machine Based Metadata which will cover the use of the analytical tools AVPS has been developing — such as DVAnalyzer, BWFMetaEdit, and FATMAP — that help bring new levels of inspection and collection management control to file-based media collections.

The EAS is “the world’s leading community for analytical chemists seeking the highest quality education and career development”, bringing “noted authorities in the field” together to speak to “analytical chemists, managers, and academicians” from across a wide range of fields. Visit for more information.

The CSA is coordinated in conjunction with the EAS by the New York Conservation Foundation to address the “scientific aspect of the preservation of cultural heritage such as art, architecture and archaeological materials: conservation science, the analytical methods and technology.” Visit for more information.

To step away from be all analytical about things, we’re excited to see all the organizations that are beginning to seriously address the issue of digital preservation and we are proud to be part of the conversation…And we’re proud of Dave, too!