Digital Preservation Go!

By: Amy Rudersdorf
May 6, 2021

Take your first, next step to long-term digital preservation with AVP.


DPGo! Is a low-cost, digital preservation maturity assessment service from AVP. Based on the Digital Preservation Coalition Rapid Assessment Model (RAM), a DPGo! consultant guides your organization through the process of self-reflection, then analyzes and reports back on your organization’s digital preservation maturity. At the end of the two-month engagement, you’ll get:

  • Scored RAM digital preservation maturity assessment worksheet and visualizations
  • Professionally designed slide deck containing our recommendations for your next steps and a roadmap to help you get there

How does DPGo! work?

DPGo! takes two months to complete. During the first month, the DPGo! consultant meets with your team for an hour to kick off the project, provide an overview, and answer any logistics questions you have. Then, your team completes a number of surveys on a variety of topics that ask questions about your organization’s digital preservation maturity. Starting in the second month, after the surveys have been completed, the DPGo! consultant reviews your survey results, followed by a two-hour Q&A session with your team. Based on this conversation and your survey responses, the Consultant completes the RAM worksheet, drafts recommendations and a roadmap, and puts it all together into a professional slide deck that you can use to present to your stakeholders. The service is available in English and Spanish.

How much does DPGo! cost?

At $4,000, DPGo! works for a variety of organization sizes and budgets.

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