Episode 10 of More Podcast, Less Process Now Available

By: Joshua Ranger
June 9, 2014

Episode #10 of “More Podcast, Less Process”, the archives podcast co-produced by METRO and AVPreserve, is now available for streaming and download. This episode is “Archival Manoeuvres: Managing Digitization Projects” with guests Miwa Yokoyama (Digital Project Manager, Carnegie Hall) and Mitch Brodsky (Digital Archives Manager, New York Philharmonic). Carnegie Hall and the Philharmonic are both in the midst of large scale digitization projects involving their historic institutional collections, primed towards increasing researcher access to the materials and making the content more broadly usable by the entire organization. Miwa and Mitch talk about the differences and similarities between their respective projects (in-house v. outsourcing, scope of collections, access points), and provide a helpful breakdown of the challenges, successes, and pro-tips they have encountered. Josh and Jefferson had a lively discussion with our guests, and tried to keep the westside/eastside trash-talking to a minimum.

As always, you can listen through iTunes, Soundcloud, and Internet Archive; find information and direct downloads on the More Podcast, Less Process page at keepingcollections. org, or follow our RSS feed at