Episode 9 of More Podcast Less Process Now Available

By: Joshua Ranger
May 6, 2014

Episode #9 of “More Podcast, Less Process”, the archives podcast co-produced by METRO and AVPreserve, is now available for streaming and download. This week’s episode is “All Archives Are Local: Talking with the National Archives & Records Administration” with guests Bonnie Marie Sauer (Archivist, National Archives at New York City) and Kevin De Vorsey (Supervisory Electronic Records Format Specialist, National Archives and Records Administration) discussing the work that NARA does to manage billions of records, develop collecting policies for an ever changing set of formats, and provide access and research assistance to the public. The scope and scale of what NARA is responsible for is not widely understood, and it was a fascinating, revealing conversation even though Josh and Jefferson just seemed to scrape the surface of this organization that is a critical to our understanding of local and national history, as well as being one of the main conduits for how we the people can interact with our government.

As always, you can listen through iTunes, Soundcloud, and Internet Archive; find information and direct downloads on the More Podcast, Less Process page at keepingcollections. org, or follow our RSS feed at