Fixity 0.4 With OSX Support Released

By: Joshua Ranger
July 8, 2014

AVPreserve is excited to announce the release of Fixity version 0.4, our free file monitoring application. This release is exciting because after months of development and testing we can now offer support for 64-bit Mac OSX systems, greatly increasing the usability of this tool. The Mac and PC versions of Fixity and supporting documentation can be downloaded on our Tools page. In addition to the new Mac version, Fixity 0.4 also offers updates for:

  • • Added MD5 checksum algorithm option
  • • Added ability to change checksum algorithm for a project
  • • Added ability to import projects between versions of Fixity
  • • Added checksum and filter information to manifest (.tsv files in history directory)
  • • Added ability to change project name
  • • Added ability to update the location of a scanned directory
  • • Added ignore hidden files option in Filter Files dialog
  • • Added ability to log errors and events
  • • Implemented SQLite database for storing projects
  • • Updated logic for reporting on copied and moved files
  • • Added ability to delete a directory from a project
  • • Added About Fixity
  • • Improved handling of special characters in filepaths
  • • Added history directory to store snapshots of the manifest
  • • Changed project file extension from .csv to .tsv to indicate that the data uses tabs as the separator
  • • Changed report names and the subject line of emailed reports to include the project name
  • • Code and interface improvements

This application is in beta. Please help refine it further by reporting all bugs to