How To Aviary: Lesson 1

By: Kerri Willette
April 8, 2019

Welcome to AVP’s very first post in the series, How To Aviary! This series of quick insights and videos will introduce you to the basics of Aviary, AVP’s next-generation platform for streaming audio and video content. (Did that sentence make you roll your eyes? Start here). Otherwise, if you are ready to dive right in, let’s begin with what it means to subscribe to Aviary.

How to Subscribe

How To Subscribe to Aviary Video from AVP.

Aviary is a publicly searchable platform. Anyone with a web browser can discover audiovisual content by simply visiting A subscription is necessary, though, if you or your organization would like to publish your content so users can find and experience it through Aviary.  

As a subscriber to Aviary, you can add and connect your content to the broader collection of materials hosted by other organizations that subscribe to the platform, while also retaining granular control over permissions and access to your content within locally customized pages. Aviary offers flexible pricing plans with different subscription levels, depending on the number of resources you want to add and where your content is stored.  

The above video, How to Subscribe to Aviary, walks you through the process of subscribing to Aviary. Upcoming videos in this series will delve into additional details about the platform, like how to customize your organization profile and theme, and how to add and edit resources. We hope you’ll follow along, and let us know if you have questions as we go!