Indiana University Announces Release of MediaSCORE and MediaRIVERS

By: Joshua Ranger
March 12, 2015

Indiana University announces the release of free, open source media preservation prioritization software created in collaboration with AVPreserve.

MediaSCORE (Media Selection: Condition, Obsolescence, and Risk Evaluation) enables a detailed analysis of degradation and obsolescence risk factors for most analog and physical digital audio and video formats.

MediaRIVERS (Media Research and Instructional Value Evaluation and Ranking System) guides a structured assessment of research and instructional value for media holdings.

Some additional key features of the software include:

· Browser-based web-application that works on any Windows and Mac operating systems using all popular browsers.
· Enables teams to enter and edit data simultaneously.
· Permissions based access and views across MediaSCORE and MediaRIVERS.
· Controlled vocabularies and field validation to help ensure consistent data entry.
· Provides auditing path to help with quality assurance and transparency.

The two applications are bundled together but may be used separately. They can be found along with a detailed user guide on GitHub at . Also available is a conceptual document that explores assessment of research and instructional value.

The software requires installation and configuration on a server, requiring the appropriate expertise. AVPreserve is also offering MediaSCORE/RIVERS as a hosted application on a monthly subscription basis.

The user guide is available for direct download for the next 30 days without going through the GitHub website. The password is prioritization and the download link is below.
Successfully uploaded file, 1.1 MB.

It may be accessed via this URL:

There is a sandbox version that you can freely muck about in at

Login information is:
email: [email protected]
password: mscoresandboxuser

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Mike Casey, Director of Technical Operations, Media Digitization and Preservation Initiative, Indiana University

Patrick Feaster, Media Preservation Specialist, Media Digitization and Preservation Initiative, Indiana University

Chris Lacinak, President, AVPreserve