Kara Van Malssen Instructing Digital Preservation For Videotape Workshop

March 20, 2012

AVPS Senior Consultant Kara Van Malssen will be in Middletown, Connecticut this Friday to conduct a workshop on Digital Preservation for Videotape. Co-sponsored by Independent Media Arts Preservation (IMAP) and the New England Archivists Spring 2012 Meeting, the workshop will review digitization case studies as well as covering the topics:

– Basic digital file creation
– Preservation and access file formats and codecs
– Software
– Storage and trusted digital repositories
– Workflows for digitization, and
– Technical and preservation metadata

IMAP has been providing important resources and training to media collection managers both within and without traditional archives for over 10 years now. This collaboration between NEA and IMAP is a good example of the types of efforts and partnerships our field will have to continue to maintain in order to share knowledge and make sure all collections have an opportunity to be properly cared for. Way to go, and way to go Kara!