Kara Van Malssen Invited To Address Preservation And Archiving Special Interest Group

January 9, 2012

AVPS Senior Consultant will be speaking in front of the Preservation and Archiving Special Interest Group (PASIG) meeting in Austin, Texas this Thursday, January 12th. Kara’s talk, “The Key Ingredient: Technical, Structural and Preservation Metadata for Digital Media Preservation” will be part of the Domain Deep Dive: Media Preservation panel, which will also feature presentation by Ernst Van Velzen (CIO, Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision), Jon Dunn (Library Technologies and Digital Libraries, Indiana University), and Kurt Seiffert (Research Storage, Indiana University).

PASIG is an international community of IT professionals “focused on sharing open computing solutions and best practices” in the areas of OAIS architecture, repository technologies, preservation and archiving of data, and the uses of various commercial and community-developed technological solutions. PASIG is not a standards-setting organization, but much of their work revolves around sharing and learning from practical experience in order to find new areas of development and collaboration.

Given the major challenges that face the preservation and management of digital audiovisual materials, we are very pleased to see groups like PASIG take an interest in the issues and devote a panel specifically to media. It is becoming more and more apparent that greater communication and collaboration among the various disciplines that create, manage, and care for digital media is needed in order to address those challenges. We’re proud of Kara and excited to be a part of the conversation.