New Cloud Storage Vendor Profile – DuraCloud

By: Joshua Ranger
July 10, 2014

AVPreserve has released the fifth in the series of Cloud Storage Vendor Profiles compiled by Consultant Seth Anderson. These profiles assess cloud storage services in relation to archival and preservation concerns, looking at issues of data management, reporting, redundancy, accessibility, security, end of service protocols, and adherence to the NDSA’s Levels of Preservation for digital collections.

Our newest profile looks at DuraCloud, an open-source management service of the non-profit DuraSpace. Like many providers, the primary storage utilizes Amazon Web Services or the San Diego Supercomputer Center. The assessment of the services looks to the qualities of the management layer sitting on top of the storage solution, and how distribution of data or qualities of the brokered services are leveraged. Subscription levels (upgraded services such as automatic replication and video/audio streaming) and amount of storage required above 1TB (i.e., storage for very large files such as audiovisual preservation masters) will be important pricing considerations.

Read this free profile and past ones on our Papers and Presentations page, and look for our next profile in about two weeks.