New Cloud Vendor Profile

By: Joshua Ranger
June 24, 2014

AVPreserve has released the fourth in the series of Cloud Storage Vendor Profiles compiled by Consultant Seth Anderson. These profiles assess cloud storage services in relation to archival and preservation concerns, looking at issues of data management, reporting, redundancy, accessibility, security, end of service protocols, and adherence to the NDSA’s Levels of Preservation for digital collections.

Our newest profile looks at Dternity, a tape-based storage system offered by Fujifilm formerly marketed under the name Permivault. As the profile shows, Dternity is strongly weighted towards data security and offers services for tape-to-tape data migration, but the areas of data integrity and accessibility present some questions that are not satisfactorily addressed in the service documentation.

Read this free profile and past ones on our Papers and Presentations page, and look for our next profile in about two weeks.