New PBCore Instantiationizer Instantiation

May 17, 2010

AudioVisual Preservation Solutions announces the release of PBCore Instantiationizer 1.2. PBCore Instantiationizer is part of a toolset for conforming extracted technical metadata to the PBCore 1.2.1 metadata standard instantiation element set. The automated approach to extraction and conformance of this element set allows for consistent application of standards to fields that require a strict level of control for usability while also relieving the burden from the cataloger to document what can be a large datasets that are often human-readable unfriendly.

The update of PBCore Instantiationizer to version 1.2 presents refinements that improve usability and user control. The core of the tool has been updated to support the most recent version of MediaInfo, 0.7.33. See the MediaInfo change log at for further details. Version 1.2 also offers better options for user-defined levels of verbosity returned by annotations, now allows for return of annotations in the Use field, and has improved design in user interface and dialog boxes.

For downloads and further information on the latest version and the development & use of the tool visit: PBCore Instantiationizer 1.2 (
PBCore Instantiationizing — Information and Guidance on Use (