AVCC is an open source application that enables collaborative, efficient item-level cataloging of audiovisual collections.

AVCC incorporates built-in reporting on collection statistics, digital storage calculations, shipping manifests, and other data critical to prioritizing and planning preservation work with audiovisual materials.

AVCC establishes a minimal set of required and recommended fields that provide basic intellectual control that enables quantification, planning, and management of collections.

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The focus of AVCC is

  • to uncover hidden collections via record creation
  • support preservation reformatting in order to enable access to the content itself


AVCC was developed with support from the Library of Congress, METRO, and Harvard Business School.

AVCC allowed us to quickly inventory a collection of raw audio tapes without making too many decisions about what metadata to capture or what vocabularies to use.

Archivist from a Radio Station

Before using AVCC, I was creating my own spreadsheets to document the data I needed for digitization and organization. I developed my own template and tweaked for each project's needs. AVCC is more expansive and detailed and shows me other areas of data collection I might have overlooked. But it's still eminently customizable, which makes it usable and not overwhelming for me and my assistants, who are not seeking to do line item cataloging but, rather, simple documentation and triage.

Jessica Thompson (Coast Mastering)

Because of the structured nature of the tool, we've been able to train student workers to gather information on AV collections.

Jenny Mullins (Dartmouth College Library)

Informing administrators that I registered our films in a national database really impressed them. It made our films more valuable to them. I hope that it will expand awareness of and use of our collections.

Marian Matyn (Clarke HIstorical Library, Central Michigan University)