Launching the Take Flight Campaign

By: Chris Lacinak
March 29, 2020

As part of our response to COVID-19, starting on Monday March 30th, we are offering free 90-day Aviary Starter Plan subscriptions to new subscribers. Aviary is a next-generation streaming platform that unifies your services and content, offering a single high quality user experience and providing unified management. Also, no need to migrate your media. In most cases, you can leave it right where it is (e.g., YouTube, Vimeo, private server) and stream it through Aviary. The 6 slide video below gives an overview (note: pause the video if you want to stop and read).

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If you’re wondering how Aviary might be useful to you right now, here are a few examples:

1. Making resources available to your stakeholders

If you need to provide access to users, faculty, students, colleagues, or clients right now, and you need to be able to control exactly who, where, when, and how long your content can be accessed, Aviary can help. Aviary’s sophisticated permissions and access controls are a strong substitute for all of the manual modes of access you may have been offering on-campus or on-site at your organization. See some public facing examples below:

Fortunoff Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies

Queens Public Library

Irving S. Gilmore Music Library

2. Webinar and virtual event publishing and usage

Webinars and virtual events are the order of the day. Most of these are being recorded. The problem with sharing these on YouTube or Vimeo is that long-form audio and video content on those platforms provides a poor user experience and is severely under-utilized. Aviary allows people to search through your webinar or event in the same way they would search through a PDF, website, or any other text-based information. This creates a lot more value and significantly enhanced user experience. As mentioned in point 1 above, you can make it available to the public at-large, or to specific individuals (e.g., registrants only). It’s up to you. See some public facing examples below:

Preservation and Access of Audio and Video with Preservica and Aviary

Digital Asset Symposium: DNA-Based Storage and Computation of Digital Data

Council of State Archivists: Levels of Preservation Webinar

3. Internal remote-meeting management and follow-up

Everyone is shifting to remote meetings right now. If you’re on a platform that allows you to record them, you can put them in Aviary, restrict access to just the meeting participants/stakeholders, import/generate transcripts created automatically from the audio, and use them as meeting notes and as a point of reference to return to. The searchability and navigation provided by Aviary makes this a breeze and transforms these recordings into extremely valuable resources. This one is hard to share examples of, but here’s one I can share:

Zoom Q2 FY20 Earnings Call

Wondering how easy it is to get your content into Aviary?

It’s very easy! Watch this 3-minute video to see how to add a single resource. If you have lots of resources to import, we have a bulk import option and would be happy to walk you through the process. Find other support articles in the Aviary user guide.

Sign up for a free 90-day Starter Plan subscription at